Think with Your Gut Instead of Your Brain


When you think intellectually, you think and reason from a rational mindset. When you think intuitively, you think from a place of deep knowing and wisdom. Learn about the many ways you can enhance your physical and spiritual life by thinking with your gut.

Your Left vs. Right Brain

  • Left brain – Analytical, intellectual and rational.
  • Right brain – Creatively inclined, intuitive, thoughtful and sensitive.
  • Which one are you—left-brained or right-brained? Do you focus on solving things, or helping people?
  • Whether you’re left- or right-brained, focus on thinking intuitively (not intellectually) in order to stay on your life’s true path, and live your life to its highest potential!

Benefits of Thinking Intuitively

  • You’ll be more successful. Every great leader (from Oprah to Obama) knows that responding to those intuitive feelings (when something feels right or wrong from deep within you) is what counts most.
  • It empowers you. Always looking for answers externally? Become empowered by knowing that everything you need to be happy is already within you. You carry all the answers—from how to land that job, to how to improve your relationship!
  • You’ll gain more confidence. Focus on the feelings from your gut and you’ll be able to value how you feel about yourself and what you’re capable of. Follow your intuition and you’ll always make the right choice, which will cause you to become more aware and secure about your decision-making process.
  • You’ll connect with your spiritual self. Want a deeper connection to your higher self, or the Divine? Follow your intuition, and have a spiritual experience—evolve, transform and become more enlightened just by going within.

Your Life’s Purpose Is Waiting …

  • Intuition is an all-knowing tool at your disposal; focus on whisperings and “nudges” from within, and get back onto your true life’s path.
  • Don’t talk yourself out of your own brilliant ideas. Turn your intuition on by saying this affirmation: “I am guided by my intuition constantly, and trust it and respond to it fully.”
  • Leave your ego at the door. Don’t get in the way of your intuition, which serves as a guide for you and your best interest.
  • If you can’t rationalize what your gut is telling you, go with it anyways. Intuition is always right, even if you can’t logically validate the “nudge” you get at the time.
  • Everyone has an ability to heighten their intuition, although more sensitive people can tap into their intuition right off the bat. Learn how to access those gut feelings with practice (pay attention to patterns in your life that show up unexpectedly, for example).

A Few Last Words …

Your intuition, like the thoughts you send out, is one of the most powerful tools you have to work with and to guide you through life. Since no one can tell you what’s best for you, or what will make you happiest, think from your gut instead of thinking from a rational and intellectual standpoint and always make the choice that’s right for you.