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5 Irrefutable Steps to Happiness

Happiness eludes so many of us today. Its like God forgot to assign us our guardian angel. This small revolving life can be complicated, tiresome and unfortunately nontransferable. Mental fixations on a life that is better absorb our believing. My life was beneath a cloud of thinking like this for several years. Constantly bickering about […]

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Some people believe that achieving happiness is the purpose of life, yet the pursuit of happiness often leads to unhappiness. This is because happiness is actually a consequence of a different life purpose – the pursuit of evolving our souls in our ability to love ourselves and others.When achieving happiness is your goal, you might […]

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10 Habits of Happy People

Focus on the ability to be happier in life than you ever imagined you could be, and enjoy life to the fullest! Happiness comes from the feelings of joy, wonder and satisfaction from your inner self, so forget external joys and concentrate on what’s inside for everlasting happiness. This Moment Is All You Have Stop […]

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