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Live the New You

Self, one single word that explains a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, undermined by many but strengthened by the few who appreciate and understand the principles of taking care of themselves. You probably heard this a thousand times, but yourself is a focal point of your existence and if you have to […]

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How Can You Live Your Life Without Regret?

Living your life regretting the many things you did do, or didn’t have the courage to do, is never something you want to aim for. Like all things in life, it’s possible not to take advantage of situations for fear of what might happen should you take a risk. Use this guide to help you […]

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10 Habits of Happy People

Focus on the ability to be happier in life than you ever imagined you could be, and enjoy life to the fullest! Happiness comes from the feelings of joy, wonder and satisfaction from your inner self, so forget external joys and concentrate on what’s inside for everlasting happiness. This Moment Is All You Have Stop […]

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