Live the New You

Self, one single word that explains a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, undermined by many but strengthened by the few who appreciate and understand the principles of taking care of themselves.

You probably heard this a thousand times, but yourself is a focal point of your existence and if you have to talk, love, nurture anything at all you, have to start from you because it’s no rocket science, you can’t give what you don’t have and just like a software demands to be updated every once in a while and as the world is changing, there is great need for self-transformation for every individual; very important, however disconcerting this might sound.

This is disconcerting because of the increasing pressure to be somebody or to be heard and acknowledge accounts for depression, negativity, low esteem and eventually the feeling of being left behind, which alarmingly a huge number of people feel. So hey! Good news, you are not alone in this journey of self-transformation.

The first step needed in this journey of self-transformation is seeking for self-help, telling yourself that no matter how hard it is or how hard its gets you are going to make it, even if you have to tap into someone else ‘positive’ transformation because once you can break out of that innermost restrictions to remain on your shelf, you could be onto something so amazing, relatable to that moment Cinderella magically transforms from a tattered maltreated maid to a gorgeous royally dressed beauty, no exaggerations meant.

The other day I was watching the stunning transformation of Gabourey Sidibe, you know Gabourey Sidibe right? One of Empire cast with the golden voice? It’s an amazing story about how she not necessarily changed anything about her physical self, the weight, the daddy issues or the fact that she had a tough time growing up with a mother that wasn’t financially stable. Her transformation stemmed from what she went through, (didn’t they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger) and a decision to feel good about herself and accepting the uniqueness of her body, or situation or whatever it is that makes a person hide from the world or feel like there’s nothing worth fighting or living for.

Dr. Judith Wright, author of a book called Transformed: The science of spectacular Living, when asked what it means to be transformed in such a way that one can live a spectacular life and reasons why people would want to do that, explained that no matter how happy one is, or how much they have grown or how many changes they have made, they always sense there is more and at some point begin to ‘Yearn’, which according to her is the first stage of a transformer. Yearning, she defined as the longing to create, connect, learn, touch and be touched, to love and be loved, to matter to be heard and is the major driver of transformation.

Just like any other kind of growth, self-transformation is a composition of various stages of personal and spiritual growth and the HPB Lodge (Auckland Theosophical center) couldn’t agree more as their self-transformation programme helps individuals first, review their understanding of reality, Clarify one’s core and personal values and proceeds to learning about self-awareness before getting to eliminate recurring emotional distress in one’s life. When this stage is attained the individual can learn to become effective in one’s interpersonal relationship through listening and effective communication, be free of unwanted constraints, See beyond the surface appearance of things and events, strengthen the inner self and control the lower self and learn the art of meditation, sounds like a lot right? Life comes in stages!

So have you decided yet that it is time to get off that couch, loose the weight and have the body that you desire? Have you made up your mind to quit that relationship that you have been dependent on for so long you don’t even recognize yourself? Have you said to yourself “Oh it is time to face that fear”? Get back into the saddle?, Then it is only a matter of time before you follow this emerging yearning and become a different person.

What drives you evolves you that is why people like us provide you with the guidance you need to get various aspects of your life sorted out; be it about productivity, relationship, Health, and even metaphysical.

Let’s Yearn!!!