How Can You Live Your Life Without Regret?

Living your life regretting the many things you did do, or didn’t have the courage to do, is never something you want to aim for. Like all things in life, it’s possible not to take advantage of situations for fear of what might happen should you take a risk. Use this guide to help you avoid regretting a moment of your life, and as a result, live the best life possible!

What Does It Mean to Regret?

  • To feel remorse for something that you were afraid to do; you spend the rest of your life wishing you had.
  • To feel bad about how you mistreated someone’s heart or trust. It can be over any of the following: cheating on someone, not taking a second chance on love, not taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, or allowing someone or something to hold you back, as if you were scared and frozen from the negative experience.

How to Move Past Emotional Pain

  • It’s all about control—what can you control in this moment and what can’t you? Health, a boyfriend/girlfriend’s actions, job security, how much you put into your savings account, a perfect cup of coffee—some are in your control, some aren’t.
  • Focus your attention on what you can control—your thoughts!
  • Use this affirmation to erase the scars and move on with your life after someone has hurt you: “We had some good times, and I no longer hold on to the bad times. You’ve been a pivotal teacher in my life, and now it’s time to let you go. Be well.”
  • Shake up some things in your life—focus on doing something outside the norm of your existence. If you go to the same store every other day, choose a different one. Take a different exercise class that will invigorate you, or try going vegetarian if you have been contemplating it but haven’t been sure you could actually do it!

Ways to Seize the Day

  • Sing in the shower, and continue in the car! Sing to your heart’s content—it’s a release from any kind of negative emotion you’re dealing with and very healing to do at the start of your day. Laugh, sing and have a happy, can-do attitude all day long!
  • Dress to impress. Look as good as you think you can possibly look—then take it up another notch! Get your hair done, buy a new outfit for your Monday work day, and walk with confidence.
  • Do something you think you just can’t do. Impress yourself with a loud, over-the-top, guts-or-glory situation that allows you to be scared … just a little bit. Envy yourself for a change by applying for a position with a steep learning curve, or stop eating sugar just to see the change in your body and energy level.

A Few Last Words …

Regret is common, but when you are able to focus on new and improved ways to transform how you think, act and behave, you can actually nip the fear in the bud. Use these suggestions to feel empowered, gain confidence and courageously pave your own way in life!