5 Irrefutable Steps to Happiness

Happiness eludes so many of us today. Its like God forgot to assign us our guardian angel. This small revolving life can be complicated, tiresome and unfortunately nontransferable. Mental fixations on a life that is better absorb our believing.

My life was beneath a cloud of thinking like this for several years. Constantly bickering about being cheated out of something. I found if one takes responsibility for his or her thoughts, that happiness can be achieved.

For so long, I brought nothing but disappointment after disappointment. Magnetized to poor decisions and acting them out over and over again. Expecting something different each time, I became disenfranchised with my life.

Why do some of us attain bliss? Why are we always looking for something more? Its a workout undertaken by millions each day. How to attain happiness?

To find happiness one might want to redefine the definition of one. Discontentment will be forever be given by a definition of happiness – that kind of engagement to follow dissatisfaction and produce a brief feeling of happiness.

Everything! Husband, wives, children, health, relationships, cars, homes, education, you name it; it’ll be gone one day. The world inundates us with a steady stream of false promises of happiness.

How happy we will be once we…

  • Find the correct Husband/Wife
  • Obtain a better job
  • Get a vehicle
  • Find friends who support us
  • Find a better church
  • A better roommate
  • Reduce our gut and credit debt
  • Boost credit and rating

We are drawn and attached to these promises. Lying to ourselves about how godly we are and fulfilled with our own lives. Are we unhappy when the lights are all off?

Happiness start with a religious evaluation. Not attempting to find or to blame causes but to stop the cycle of ideas one is hooked on. This was the hardest part, knowing it was.

I wanted the pain to find peace and to go out and gathered myself one day in 2005. Some four decades after I have compiled some steps to happiness.

The 5 Irrefutable Steps to Happiness

(1) Life comes in one kind “As is” Its not only here to make us joyful.

Do not take it personal when it rains. Stop wishing for life to change, alter your thinking. Accept what is and proceed.

(2) What you have is sufficient

Unhappy where you are? Wherever you will be, unhappiness will be your companion. If you think something is missing from your life, you’ll chase it into madness. And when found, it’ll never be enough. The chase will start all over again.

(3) Leading with Humility

Our road is just known by us. We do not understand just how, when, what life holds for many others. The support an individual can give; remain from others driver’s seat. Peacefully decline upon picking their fate.

(4) Remaining in the Moment

“What if” and “What can be” tortures the soul. Thinking about moments we don’t have any power with is emotionally draining and hard work. Now has the maximum potentials we will every have. You are who you might be today.

(5) Happiness is Indoors you

We start and complete self-discovery with self. There satisfying and more strong. Turn yourself on to you. You are forever and eternal.

Make a conscious effort to get in touch with your true character. Untouched by worldly endeavors its generates energy of bliss you are. It honors your own meekness and attracts it to be honored by other people also.

Never making you believe you want more then what you’ve got, its the perfect spirit of peace. There’s no group to join. Its you-the you.

Report Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Robert_A_Williams